We are committed to minimising our environmental impacts wherever we work, and that commitment is fundamental to our corporate Environmental Policy. This commitment is fully endorsed by the Board of Directors.

At Alecto, we pride ourselves on being skilled, responsible explorers who meet the environmental regulatory requirements wherever we have a business unit. We believe that environmental accountability is the responsibility of everyone at Alecto, and critical aspects of our environmental program include setting clear guidelines and, where appropriate, targets for our exploration teams and ensuring that employees and contractors understand, and are capable of performing, their responsibilities in accordance with Alecto’s objectives.

Within Alecto, we operate with the clear mandate of being in full compliance at all times with corporate standards, applicable laws, regulations and permit requirements. Our internal monitoring also plays a critical role in continuously improving our environmental performance. This is reported to the Board annually in accordance with the relevant sectors of the Global Reporting Initiative Guidelines (GRI).

Environmental Policy

We strive to minimize our environmental effects wherever we work and to operate to high standards of performance, namely to :

  • · Comply with applicable laws, regulations and commitments wherever we operate.

  • · Ensure we have the necessary resources, procedures, training programs, and responsibilities in place to achieve our environmental objectives

  • · Strive to protect air and water quality, minimize consumption of water and energy, and protect natural habitats and biodiversity.

  • · Promote an ongoing environmental dialogue with our stakeholders in the communities where we explore.

  • ·Collaborate with stakeholders to define environmental priorities and to protect the environment.

  • · Consider the requirement for environmental protection in all aspects of exploration.

  • · Monitor our performance to verify compliance with our internal standards and legal requirements.

  • · Report our environmental performance and assign responsibility for aspects requiring improvement.

Social Responsibility

Alecto Minerals’ business activities will directly affect the lives of many people – including employees, investors, neighbours and commercial partners. This brings a social responsibility to be a good corporate citizen and with it a requirement to ensure that all those with a stake in Alecto Minerals can benefit from their relationship with the Company.

Being socially responsible - and investing in and working together with stakeholders - is at the heart of what it means to be a good corporate citizen and Alecto Minerals will focus its efforts where its impacts are greatest and where it can make the most difference.

With this in mind, in Q1 2014, the Alecto Board felt that it was important to respond rapidly to the local community's need for access to a source of clean water within the project area and the Company completed drilling a water borehole which found a reliable source of water at just 36 metres. Demand for water has increased significantly since the village wells were originally installed, in part due to the expanding populations of artisanal miners. The new well will provide a new and safe supply of potable water.

The Company’s activities will naturally have an environmental impact and Alecto Minerals will conduct detailed studies of the environmental aspects of all projects that it develops.
All technical aspects of projects will be carefully considered to ensure the highest environmental standards. Cognisance is taken of new technological opportunities to reduce environmental risk wherever appropriate.


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